Abby + Anselm

I can't describe the happiness I felt while photographing one of my oldest friend's engagements. How many cumulative years do teenage girls gush about who they're going to marry, where they'll live, what kind of job they'll have? M.A.S.H. anyone? As we all grow older, everything seems to fall into place... we find the work that challenges our mind and a love that feeds our soul.

I remember the day (in highschool!) that Abby met Anselm. Naturally, us teenage girls promptly gave him the appropriate nickname "Handsome Anselm." It would be a couple of years until the pieces all fell together but I like to think they knew early on. ;) They're perfect for each other!

It's an honor to stand in and photograph their wedding this next summer! I can't wait and I am going to try my hardest not to cry through the entire thing. I really am! It's going to be an amazing day!